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The global water industry is forever changing. That’s why JS Selection believe in recruitment which respects and rewards water treatment professionals.
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Success Stories

The challenge

At Chem-Aqua, employees are their valuable resource.

As a service company, Chem-Aqua work closely with customers to provide water treatment programs tailored to their specific needs. Good communication skills are a must. Due to their consistent growth, they are always seeking highly energetic employees who want to learn and specialise in water treatment technology and services.

As one of the fastest growing international water treatment companies, Chem-Aqua provide a world of opportunities for high achievers. For them, it’s important to get the right people hired who suit their values fit in with the team.

Every quarter for the last 100 years, they have grown and look to continue their growth indefinitely.

The solution

JS Selection’s founder, Jon Stewart, meets with the team regularly to understand the people and the culture. It’s essential to Chem-Aqua that the right people get hired to help us with our growth. As such, JS Selection provides candidates who are relevant and suitable, and time is saved as hiring managers don’t have to review irrelevant CVs.

The sheer amount of placements speaks volumes of recruitment success. Being a recruiter who is easy to get on with helps the hiring process. With Jon and JS Selection, you can have a very good and personable chat.

When candidates with a water treatment background come onto the market, Jon is quick to put specialists forward – even if there aren’t any vacancies. Water Treatment is a talent-short market. JS Selection bring industry specialists from the market to Chem-Aqua and are always thinking of ways to help grow the business with better talent.

A lot of time is saved by recruiting through JS Selection.

The results

Various placements across the Water Treatment market.

The feedback

The only recruiter I talk to is Jon. He keeps his ear to the ground and is always getting in touch with the right Water Treaters. Some recruiters just push irrelevant candidates, but Jon listens, takes an interest and always puts good people forward.


The situation

SOCOTEC provides a comprehensive and unrivalled range of water hygiene, treatment, equipment and consultancy services.

SOCOTEC hired JS Selection to help them find a Northern-based Water Treatment Consultant. They specified the most important thing was for them, was for us to find someone with a proven sales track record within the water treatment industry, who could service existing clients and also help them develop new business in Northern England.

The feedback

Fantastic service from Jon. He has placed me in a role that will help me reach my career goals. JS Selection cares about its candidates, which is not always the case with other recruiters. Placing me at SOCOTEC is the best career move I've made yet.

TomWater Treatment Consultant

The customer

Swiftclean is the UK’s foremost provider of specialist ventilation hygiene and legionella control, combining industry-leading expertise with competitive rates and great customer service.

They specialise in providing custom designed water treatment programs for boiler, cooling, and process water systems. They help their customers minimize their energy, water, and maintenance costs while ensuring safe and reliable operation of these critical systems. They work with building managers and FM companies offering high quality, expert advice and legally compliant services for Legionella Control, Kitchen Extract Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning and Grease Trap Management across a variety of business sectors including:

Facilities Management, Social Housing, Pubs & Restaurants, Hotels & Stadiums, Food Production, Healthcare, Education and many more.

Swiftclean have successfully completed over 20000 projects and have won numerous awards in their last 30 years of business.

The situation

At Swiftclean, they aim to provide all clients with an expert and top quality service on all matters of building services, health, safety and hygiene in Legionella Control, Kitchen Extract Cleaning, Duct Cleaning and Water Tank Cleaning.

This means that all hires must fit in with the culture and share the same values. Given that the company are growing and unemployment is low, it’s a challenge to hire people at a quick pace. Working in Water Treatment also brings its own issues and having such a specialised workforce can be challenging.

Very few recruiters understand the needs of the team at Swiftclean. Many haven’t made the effort to visit the sites or get to know what is important to the leadership team. Like any specialist company, there are often confidential roles. It’s important that Swiftclean can trust their recruiter to protect sensitive information.

How JS Selection have helped Swiftclean

  • Legionella Risk Assessors
  • Air Hygiene Operatives
  • Air Hygiene Supervisors
  • Graduate Trainees
  • Stores Assistants

Successful placements

JS Selection’s founder, Jon Stewart, meets with the team regularly to understand how he can help with recruitment. It’s essential to Swiftclean that the right people get hired. to help us with growth. As such, JS Selection provides candidates who are skilled, relevant and suitable. Time is saved as hiring managers don’t have to review irrelevant CVs.

The sheer amount of placements speaks volumes of recruitment success. Being a recruiter who Swiftclean can get on with really helps.

The feedback

JS Selection have dedicated a lot of time and resources to help Swiftclean recruit. They’ve worked on a lot of roles for us and I can’t fault them!

Katie BloomfieldHR Manager

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