ScaleJS is the most cost effective way to hire – the more you hire, the bigger the cost saving! By coordinating all of your sales hiring with JS Selection, we own the outcomes, guarantee your hires and bring significant cost savings.
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Companies needing to scale quickly with a high volume of Engineer hires.

What’s in it for me?

  • Fixed fee pricing (on salaries up to £50k)
  • Quantity based savings – 30% reduction on normal fee agreement for 10 + hires
  • 6 month free replacement on all hires
  • Comprehensive competitor/market mapping
  • Multi-touch headhunt campaigns on all roles
  • Dedicated JS Selection Talent Partner for 10+ hires
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Why partner with JS Selection?

UK Wide

Helping you to complete your projects, no matter where you are.

Water treatment experts

In-depth understanding of the market.


From entry-level hires to senior directors, JS Selection are central to your hiring strategy.

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If you have any questions, or aren’t sure, get in touch. Whether you are an employer looking for your next hire or a jobseeker looking for your next Water Treatment job we can help you get on track.

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