Environmental and Operational Managers at wastewater treatment plants can receive several hundred odour complaints a year.

Growing populations have gradually moved closer to wastewater operations. Public perception of wastewater plants is dynamic and subject to change, often very quickly.

Maintaining a social licence to operate is now directly related to a treatment plant’s efficiency.

At Envirosuite we have identified levels of community engagement on a scale of 1-5 that each require unique strategies to achieve social licence to operate. Executing the correct strategy for your site will ultimately boost operational efficiency and strengthen your plants social licence.

In this webinar we will share how your mining operation can:

  • Avoid reputational damage and limit downtime by executing strategies based on the specific level of community engagement your site requires.
  • Respond to odour complaints and engage with communities using easy-to-understand environmental data.
  • Educate surrounding communities on operational, maintenance and expansion plans by delivering tailored community engagement programs.

Join Envirosuite on Wednesday, October 28, where Andres Quijano will present these community engagement strategies.

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Andres Quijano – Solution Design Engineer

Host bio

Andres has over 15 years of experience creating integrated hardware and software solutions that assist environmental professionals and site operators to optimize their management plans. Recently, he has played the lead role in implementing Envirosuite’s groundbreaking solution at the Cerrejon mine to provide a proactive environmental management system including solutions for dust, blasting, vibration and groundwater and surface water.