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Drive Lines are UK partners for ADE-WERK, manufacturers of electric linear actuators. As well as the successful applications in the UK we like to celebrate the global projects which showcase the actuators.

One such project is the flood barrier barrage in Meldorf, where six ADE-WERK electric linear actuators were installed to operate the steel flood gates. These steel gates were installed to replace the original wooden gates which, since their original installation in 1977, were worn out and becoming unsafe.

The new steel gates were installed with the six ADE-WERK electric linear actuators, with new anchoring and electric drives. The flood gates are fully operational and are successfully preventing the risk of flooding in the back country, protecting the local environment, and the completed project looks great.

With a pulling force of 485kN and a compressive force of 785kN and protection class IP68 these actuators are a great solution to the control required for substantial flood gates.

If you are planning a water management or flood protection application in the UK and are looking for linear motion control components that you can trust, ADE-WERK are the answer; call the Drive Lines team today to discuss the options, and let us support your design process.

Visit for more details, and get in touch on [email protected] or call 01234 360689 to speak to a member of the Drive Lines team.