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As each month passes by, the demand for clean water grows globally. Combine this with strict regulations, and increasing environmental fears, and you’ll see why water and wastewater treatment systems more important than ever.

That’s why JS Selection believe in a cleaner future. It’s our mission to connect the right talent with the best companies. By recruiting for the Water Treatment, Chemicals and Asbestos markets, we can help to protect Mother Nature.

The global water industry is forever changing.

In the UK alone, it has:

  • Nearly £6 billion invested in assets each year
  • Over £5 billion is invested into improving services each year
  • Close to 50,000 direct employees
  • Indirectly responsible for another 86,000 jobs
  • Around 1,500 water treatment works
  • Almost 6,000 service reservoirs
  • Approximately 400 specialist engineering companies supporting the water sector

But unfortunately, 66% of the world’s inhabitants could live in water-stressed conditions by 2025.

That’s why JS Selection believe in recruitment which respects and rewards water treatment professionals.

By using a specialist recruitment consultancy whose focus is the Water Treatment market, you’ll get the benefit of:

  • Access to a network of water treatment leaders.
  • The right people in your team, to help you with your projects.
  • A recruitment partner who understands your hiring strategy.
  • Complete hiring assistance.

If you’re looking to hire someone with Water Treatment, Chemicals or Asbestos experience, or you’re looking for a new position – contact us today.

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